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Protected Person

A person who has reason to fear persecution in his or her country of origin due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion can be designated as a protected person by the Immigration and Refugee Board and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Protected persons can get the same loans and grants as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to attend a designated educational institution in Canada.


Application Requirements

  1. Have a Notice of Decision issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board or Protected persons status document 

  2. Have a Social Insurance Number

  3. Be enrolled in a degree/diploma/certificate program of at least 12 weeks of study

  4. Some dangers applicants may face include:

  • Danger of torture

  • Risk to their life

  • Risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

List of Documents

  • Decision letter

  • Verification of Status document

  • Temporary Social Insurance Number

  • Proof of school letter

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