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Renew | Replace PR Card

Permanent residents of Canada must carry and present their valid permanent resident (PR) card or permanent resident travel document when boarding a flight to Canada, or travelling to Canada on any other commercial carrier. If you do not carry your PR card or permanent resident travel document, you may not be able to board your flight, train, bus, or boat to Canada. It is your responsibility to ensure that your PR card is still valid when you return from travel outside Canada, and to apply for a new PR card when your current card expires.


Application Requirements

  1. You must submit your application in Canada

  2. You must live in Canada at least 730 days (in the past 5 years)

  3. Your card has expired or will expire in less than 9 months

  4. Your card is lost, stolen, or destroyed

  5. You didn’t receive your card within 180 days of immigrating to Canada

  6. You are not a Canadian citizen

  7. You need to update your card to:

  • legally change your name

  • change your citizenship

  • change your gender designation

  • correct your date of birth

List of Documents

  • Digital photos

  • A passport 

  • Valid driver license

  • Notice of assessment (the past five years)

  • under the age of 18 need to provide the birth certificate and school certificate 

  • The applicant needs to submit the corresponding form (If changes name or other information) 

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